For those of you who understand my father-tongue (danish), there is now a streaming (realplayer) version of my recent presentation at LinuxForum 2004 here in Copenhagen. I think it’s one of the best presentations I have given in quite some time, which is fairly surprising to me.
I was ill prepared, OpenOffice was acting up, I was heavily under the influence of a variety of painkillers, and pretty exhausted. But the crowd was great, I was free to talk about my favourite subjects, and it was a presentation that I had given before (at O’Reilly Emerging Tech).
Having looked at the video, I also think that speaking in Danish and at an event where I have been a few times before, meant I was putting less pressure on myself, and hence was funnier and more natural.

I hope I can learn from this, and improve my presentation style until I’m as good as I can be (and half as good as my friend Ethan, who’s style I really admire).

Here’s a link to the LinuxForum site with the stream:
LinuxForum Streaming Portal: Wireless Networks and Free Software

And here’s a direct link to the realplayer stream.