It’s getting late, back here in DK….. But i thought i owe ‘my readers’ an update.

I’m back in denmark, sitting in front of a computer alternately running through my tax papers and hacking together a website that i promised ages ago. I’m doing a lot better with my taxes and books than I had feared, and just being at it, and having all the papers in front of me, i’m already feeling a good deal more confident that i can weather this bullshit.

Basically it looks like I made a series of mistakes, especially in my 2002 books. On the other hand, the young lady who trawled through my books at the tax office made some equally elementary mistakes. First of all, she has made an assumption about a document that she claims doesn’t exist, however she never asked me for it, and I have it right in front of me now. Secondly, she made assumptions about my turnover for 2002 (which was very low), that were unjustified, and it looks like she made a very basic mistake in that case.

Mostly it’s just good to be on-line, and in reach of my books, so that i can actually do something about the stress and the mess. Even better, I seem to be able to sit in front of a computer for multiple hours without any noticable pain. Something I haven’t really done since mid-January.

But best of all, my last 2 posts have caused a couple of people to leave me comments, write me e-mail or phone me, just to say a few words of support. And just knowing that there are people out there who care (at least a little 🙂 means a lot to me. Thanks!

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