About 9 months ago, Signe and I planned a 3 week vacation in April to go visit our very close friends in Vancouver, hike, kayak and generally recover from what I was expecting to be a fairly exhausting winter of work.

instead it has been a fairly exhausting winter of travel, with quite a few health problems mixed in for good measure. I feel like I haven’t had a full work week at the office since early december, and it’s not really a feeling i relish, since there is so much to do, and we are finally getting somewhere with oyur own projects here.

So for a short while a few weeks ago, we talked about cancelling our vacation, and trying to postpone it for later this year. My knee is still acting up from the surgery I had in december, and my back, while almost infinitely better is still not perfect, so we thought about waiting with the active outdoor vacation until things were calmer.
The truth is, though, that starting this summer, we are really going to be pushing the Wireless Roadshow and by late summer, early fall, if all goes well, i will be on the road more or less constantly for a while. So the chances of postponing a vacation this year seemed slim to none.

At the same time, I sort of had this feeling that after a winter that was pretty tough emotionally, for both of us, and physically, for me, it might not be a bad idea to relax together for a few weeks, get to know each other again, and spend some time talking about our common dreams and hopes for the future. And I’m so far behind with my work anyway, that anything that waited this long, will safely wait another 3 weeks.

So here we go, off on vacation to British Columbia, Canada. To visit friends, hike, and perhaps even kayak. To recover and prepare for a travel intense, busy year ahead. And to stay away from the Grizzlies…..

I’m not expecting to blog for the next 3 weeks, so I wish you all a good 3 weeks, and here are links to some of my favourite blogs to keep you entertained until then:

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One thought on “Vacation time is coming

  1. I wish you a great vacation and hope you have a very fun and relaxing time.

    Keep away from the grizzlies. 🙂


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