The magazine that styles itself “The First monthly magazine on ict4d” has a new issue on the streets, and this one is all about Wireless Communications in the developing world. And with entries from some of the top people in this arena, it’s an issue well worth checking out: i4donline: i4donline: April 2004 issue: Wireless Communication

Dr. Onno Purbo’s article is a very good introduction to the projects being done in Indonesia, as well as being a good overview of why wireless makes sense for this sort of rogue, bottom-up approach to infrastructure development.

My colleague (so then that’s been fully disclosed) Sebastian Büttrich, takes a step back and talks about a few different scenarios in which WiFi has a role in developing infrastructure, but then focuses mostly on the Wireless Roadshow, and the idea of building local capacity in the wireless area, and helping existing communities establish locally-owned, shared infrastructure using low-cost wireless technology.

There is also a column by the almost ludicrously experienced David P. Hughes, who has done more wireless networking in remote regions than almost anyone I can think of. He talks about his efforts to set up the worlds highest internet café at the Mt. Everest Base Camp, and how he used similar technology to provide access to other arfeasa of the himalayas.

Add to that a few articles that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet, but that seem as if they add value to the issue as well, and it’s a recommended read for people with or without previous knowledge of wirleess and/or technology in development.