Blogging from the speakers podium at Wizards-of-OpenSource, just getting into the Panel on Free Networking, with Dewayne Hendricks, James Stevens, Juergen Neumann, Adam Shand and myself, moderated by Armin Medosch.

Eben Moglen, just finished his keynote. This guy is the real deal, the preacher of the Free Culture/Information movement. So eloquent it is almost embarassing to all of us light-weights, and and so concise and optimistic (yet realistic) that it really moved me. This is probably the first time i have heard a believable and moving call to arms that effectively ties together and unite the various free movements, i.e. the Free Culture movement, th Free Software Movement, The Free Spectrum Movement and the Free Hardware, or anti-copyright control movement.

Right now, Armin Medosch s introducing the main issues, including low-cost antenna’s, mesh networks, the concept of line-of-sight, etc. H’s showing picture of various rooftop-scenes, small pieces of hardware, such as the MeshCube, and various wild renditions of the socialist dream.

Also showing off the awesome mesh network constructed between the Berlin Congress Center (our current location) and the c-base hacklab news Jannowtzbruecke. Using the unik-olsrd mesh protocol, and a series of these MeshCube’s . Using this tech, we can now roam the streets of berlin, knowing that we aren’t just using the network, but are actively contributing to the network, by being on-line.
Armin, just passed the bar over to Dewayne Hendricks, who’se giving us a historical perspective on radio tech and free communications.

*commercial wireless since 1903
*spectrum was an open commons
*until titanic

So I said my bit, and here are my unstructured notes.

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