a lot has happened in the year since I last blogged regularly. I I honestly expect most of my readers to have been shaken off by the 1 year hiatus, and the finality of my parting statement.

But that’s fine, because then I can go back to blogging for an exclusive readership of me and my invisible friend.

I thought I’d start off with an update on what’s been going on outside my professional life over the past year.

As many of you know, I’ve had recurring problems and multiple surgeries in the left knee, preventing me from playing basketball, and hence stopping me from keeping in shape in a fun meaningful way.
Until now at least.

In october last year I started playing Canoepolo, which is often known as kajakpolo (at least in Denmark), and I’ve completely fallen in love with the game. It has all the excitement, physical hardship and pace of hoops, with my knee in a static position in a kajak. And it’s on the water. wow!

Here’s a picture of me at a recent tournament, which was part of the danish championship series this summer (my team finsihed 2nd in the 2nd best division).


One thought on “Kajak polo (aka Canoe Polo)

  1. It can be difficult coming back from injury. I had to do swimming for ages after having a broken leg. At least you’ve found something more interesting! I also found a good sports masseuse which helped with the pain and niggles. Good luck with getting back on court.

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