In january this year we released the first book in what has just become a series.
The book was written by a team of wireless experts working closely with each other over the space of 3 months. We call this concept a “Book Sprint”, and I am somewhat proud that the original idea was mine.

Just this week the “Book Sprint” proccess proved it’s worth again, as Rob Flickenger, my good friends Marco and Carlo at the ICTP and a handful of experts from all over the world managed to release “How To Accelerate Your Internet“.

Production time: 3 months (Now that’s what I call a sprint!)

The book is freely downloadable (cc Attribution-ShareAlike) in pdf from the website, and can also be purchased on

Here’s a blurb from the books website.

Access to sufficient Internet bandwidth enables worldwide electronic collaboration, access to informational resources, rapid and effective communication, and grants membership to a global community. Therefore, bandwidth is probably the single most critical resource at the disposal of a modern organisation.

The goal of this book is to provide practical information on how to gain the largest possible benefit from your connection to the Internet. By applying the monitoring and optimisation techniques discussed here, the effectiveness of your network can be significantly improved.

We hope that you find these materials and this website useful. Please feel free to contribute your own experiences on the wiki and mailing list, and help make the next edition even better.

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