Both Signe and I won silver medalsat the 2007 Danish Canoepolo championship this past saturday. This is the first medal i’ve won during my 20 years of playing basketball and recently canoepolo, and i’m extremely happy and proud. We lost the final by conceding a goal with 1.9 seconds left, which left a bitter taste, but in retrospect, being the second best team in the country isn’t too shabby.

Click the photo below to see more photos from the event:

2 thoughts on “Silver Medals at 2007 Danish Canoepolo Championship

  1. @Ricky: Well, this year we had to settle for Bronze, but it actually felt better, since we won the last match of the season against our biggest rivals. Whereas the gold and silver medalists were consistently better than us all season. So we won Bronze this year, whereas last year we lost gold.

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