Startup or Job? Poor and excited or well-payed and constrained?

Keywords: Free Software / Linux / Green IT / Mgmt / Evangelism / Developing world / Training

Idea 1: Linux Training Company for Enterprise Linux training (Danish Market). Using freelancers to provide kick-ass linux enterprise training to the danish market. Probably with some attempt at adding African training activities to the mix.

Option 2: Project Mgmt job in the web industry. Good, stable pay. Opportunities for saving up some money for later investment into a startup or non-profit.

Problem: I’m not sure how to make all my personal goals meet. Having time for my wonderful family, making a difference, having fun at work, with strong challenges and good colleagues, and paying the bills. How?

3 thoughts on “Looking for my next gig….

  1. Join the club… 🙂 a very difficult decision…

    Btw, I’m in Denmark right now… Helsingor to be exact.

  2. It looks like your form processing thingy doesn’t like spaces in names. Or something.

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