Despite having kept a low profile, and done next to no development-related work in the past 2 years, a old journalist contact of gave me a call yesterday, and today there’s a  couple of decent quotes on danish on-line computer mag version2.

It’s an article (in danish) about Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web Foundation, and his claims that we need to focus on extending the web to those 4 billion people who still aren’t properly on-line. His is a hard point to argue with, and i got away with spewing some very un-controversial answers to the usual questions, i.e. Do they really need the web? and what do they need it for? isn’t it hard when there’s no clean drinking water and no electricity?

I’m not going to bore anyone here with the obvious answers, but all-in-all the journalist did a decent job, only misspelling my name once in 4 mentions, and getting almost the entire name of our non-profit correct (it’s rather than just wire.less).

perhaps this means i’m forgiven, not forgotten?