Strange but quite exciting. I accepted a job offer from the danish state, more specifically Statens IT, where i’ll be part of a ridiculously ambitious project to consolidate IT systems from more than a hundred government offices over the next 3-4 years.

I never pictured myself as a government employee, it’s quite a strange transition from freelancing, developing world do-gooder, but:

* It’s new and very much different.
* It’s family friendly, and will allow me to pick Arthur up from day-care most days.
* It’ll be chaotic, unpredictable and probably very interesting.
* I can get unpaid leave for a few weeks a year in case there are book sprints, workshops or otherwise i just can’t live without.
* It comes with a stable, albeit modest, income, which will help us get rid of our mortgage, and perhaps do something crazy sometime in the future.
* The whole project is unpredictable enough that nobody knows what will happen there after the first few years, which means i can keep a mental image in my mind of this as a temporary 2-4 year thing.

In general, i’m happy with the decision, the job and the general outlook of my near future.

I am however sad that there’s been so little time and energy for the developing world projects i really love. But it fels like an inevitable consequence of fatherhood.

One thought on “As of february 1st I’m an employee of the Danish state.

  1. Det var nok ikke lige det rigtige tidspunkt at hoppe på huh. Desværre er der heller ikke så meget job sikkerhed i det private i øjeblikket.

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